Active Learning

This collection of plays can be used in a variety of ways from classroom activities and lessons to school-wide performances. Most important is to use the plays in a way that is relevant and meaningful to you and your students. Research has proven that engaged and active learning is the most effective. Below are some tips on how you might make the plays part of the active learning process for your students.

Lights, Cameras, Active Learning!

Using a broad topic like conservation, use an inquiry-based teaching and learning method to engage the students in the topic. As educators, we all have our favorite tricks that work to engage student learning. Embellish , elaborate, and build on your strengths in this area. Use the plays to keep you in the role of active teacher – so the students will become active learners!

Suggested questions to ignite active learning:

  • How might we tell others about endangered animals?
  • What is the most important face you would like to tell your classmates about the importance of not polluting the Earth?
  • Is there more than one way to get a message to your classmates and family?
  • If animals could talk what do you think they might say about keeping their homes free from pollution?