Introducing Concepts and Characters to Students

Introducing Plays to Your Class

A good rule of thumb here is to keep it simple. The plays in this collection are intended to be a teaching point for the students – not a ticket to Hollywood stardom! Using the previous inquiry based teaching approach present the plays to the students as a means for informing others about the importance of global conservation. For younger grades use appropriate language, such as, “Let’s tell everybody in our community about the animals in the rainforest!”

For grades K-2 it is a good idea to read aloud the entire script, then ask the students for feedback on what they think the story is about; for grades 3-8 pass out the script to the whole class, instructing them to read the play silently. Next is to ask the students for feedback on the theme, characters, and the main point of the story. Any or all of these components can be used as a part of your ELA lesson.