Cathy Skora’s creation of the educational play series Dragons & Mermaids is the continuation of her journey in the creative arts, which spans over 20 years as a performer, educator, workshop facilitator, world traveler and seeker of inspiration, and executive director of a not-for-profit cultural organization. Foundation work in Dunham and Graham dance technique, coupled with a focus on cultural dance, provided a springboard for founding Folkloric Productions Dance Co., Inc., a 501 c3 organization focusing on utilizing cultural dance as a common denominator to engage and communicate information about the richness of cultures to the public.

This creative journey has led to layering education, the arts, and the creative process as a means to assist children and adults in the magic to be found in exploration and discovery.

Cathy has facilitated numerous workshops focusing on personal and professional development, both nationally and internationally, as a means for discovery and growth for both adults and children. Through this work she has found much inspiration in her own creative endeavors.

Cathy Skora holds an MS in Creative Studies/Change Leadership from State University College at Buffalo, home of the International Center of Studies for Creativity; teaches dance in an arts integration program at the Elmwood Village Charter School in Buffalo NY; facilitates classes on the island of Skyros Greece through Skyros Holidays; and develops and facilitates workshops focusing on exploring the great wealth of creativity that we all possess.

Miscellaneous: Three favorite islands are Skyros, Maui, and Manhattan. Snorkeling, scuba diving, yoga, meditation, vegetable gardening, and talking to kindergarteners are some of Cathy’s favorite creativity boosters.

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Original illustrations by Alixandra Martin.

Author photo by John Wigham